Creating an account is totally free. That's where you specify which embroidery machine you use.

1- In the top-right corner, where your customer area stands, click on the "Create an account" link

connexion à son compte

2- Fill up the fields in the form (at least the compulsory ones)

connexion à son compte


In the sidebar on the left, you can see that the designs are listed by theme, technique or creator :


1- Click on the name of the theme, technique or creator you're interested in to unfold its content.

2- Click on "Click here to display all" to display the thumbnails of every item in this category. Clicking anything else in the tree takes you to a subset or directly to a collection.

3- The number of available collections is displayed.

4 -Click on any collection thumbnail to reach the designs it contains.


Another important option : the search engine at the top right of the page. Type a word in the text input to get suggestions; click a suggestion to follow it or click OK to display all matching results.


In the collection page, there are several informations to assist you :

1- The collection title.

2- The name (logo) of the creator (on the left).

3- The technique used (on the right).

4- A small introduction, including a photo when available and an indication whether explanations and/or color sheet are provided.

5- The price tag for the collection by size.

6- The price tag for the whole collection.

7- For each individual design, a thumbnail, a price, and the available sizes. You need to select one, with your maximum hoop size in mind.

At the bottom of the page, a gallery with photos of works by our customers is  displayed.

collection de motifs


1- Choose either :

- one individual design size (select the appropriate option)

- one whole collection in one size = all the designs from the page in the specified size; useful for alphabets, assorted designs or thematic collections (select the appropriate option)

- the whole collection in every size available (nothing to select explicitly)

2- Click on the "Add to cart" button

valider son panier
valider son panier

1- You machine has a maximum hoop size, be careful that the design size fits into it.

2">- If it doesn't and if another valid size exists, you'll be prompted to change your mind (strongly advised). Even if you own a extra hoop or a gigahoop, it won't work !!! Contact me before buying.

3- Click on "Continue shopping" if you want to buy more items or on "Pay my order" otherwise.

valider son panier


So you're happy to get this beautiful design, but...wait ! You've already bought it before and it looks like you lost your money...

Don't worry ;-) it won't happen here ! Why ? Because we figured it out for you so we have a duplicate prevention system.

How does it look like ? Simple : instead of an radio or option button, you'll see a green checkmark before the sizes of the designs you already own, keeping you from selecting it and informing you in the same time.

Can't find these designs in your hardrive or anywhere ? Don't worry, just e-mail me and i will send them back to you for free.

4b) WISHLIST (All new !)

Sometimes we have a crush on some beautiful designs but you cart is already overloaded or maybe you wallet is empty at the time. You could bookmark the page but there should be a quicker and better way...

Of course ! We have a wishlist system ! Once you're logged in, instead of adding an item to you cart, click on the heart button beside and it will be added to your wishlist.

Later, when needed, you'll be able to move it straight to your cart in just one click.


Click on you cart status (top of the page) or on the "Pay my order" link to get to your cart contents

valider son panier

From here, you can remove items, empty your cart or validate your order

contenu du panier

6- PAYMENT : 4 solutions

- Check : clik on the check picture

- Transfer : cliquez on the transfer picture. You'll receive the BIC with you order summary.

- Paypal: click on the Paypal logo.

- Credit card: also handled by Paypal. Once you land on the Paypal page, click on the "I don't have a Paypal account" link. You will get to the credit card form. Fill it up then follow the validation pages until you see the "transaction complete" message.

IMPORTANT : I understand it can be scary to use Paypal for credit cards, but this is a very common way to handle credit cards payments and we pay them for this. No worries, Paypal is well known and very secure.

As usual, remember to never answer any password or sensitive information request received by e-mail.

No shipping charge of course since the designs are downloadable directly from the website or sent by e-mail.

confirmation de paiement

7-Oops ! I failed the payment, my cart is empty and I have to start over...Actually, you don't :-)

It happens easily : internet connection outage, wrong's not that bad !

Go to your "customer area" and click the "My orders" link to get to you order history. You will see your last order with a "Pay" link instead of the download button. Click on it to "rewind", which means refilling your cart and taking you to the payment the step automatically. Nice isn't it ? :-))))


1- You need to be logged in so click on the "Login" link in the customer area (top right corner)

connexion faite

2- Enter you e-mail address and your password

connexion faite

3 -Click on the "Login" button

If you previously checked the "I can't use ZIP files" option in your account, you will receive the designs in your mailbox directly.

Otherwise, here's the procedure :

Click on the "My orders" link

connexion à son compte

That's where you can download you designs right after we receive your payment and also in case you lost some.

1- Click on the download icon in the appropriate row of the table.

2- A dialog box opens : choose "Save as", pay attention to the destination folder, then click "OK".

3- Then, go to the destination folder and right-click the downloaded file and select the "extract here" option.

4- You should then have a new folder containing the designs files in the appropriate format for your machine.

5- The ZIP file is now useless (except as a backup maybe) so you can delete it.

6- Copy the files on a USB key, card or removable drive to transfer them into the machine.

PS : If you're not comfortable with ZIP files, just check the red box named "I can't use ZIP files" in your account, in order to receive the designs ready to use by e-mail.


A computer crash is always around the corner...That's why we permanently keep all your order history (even if you came from Francine's site 10 years ago !) and are happy to send you back your designs FOR FREE on a simple request...Truly safe for you :-)

Any remaining question ? Fell free to ask HERE