Cutwork Embroidery howto

Designs are embroidered on cloth with cutouts.

Level: Advanced

Supplies :
  • a 80/11 embroidery needle
  • some embroidery thread
  • some water-soluble nonwoven fabric (stabilizer)

Good to know :

To get the stop-machine (to cut out the cloth), several colors can be used for the design but the main embroidery uses only one color (white in that cas).

Sample of cutwork embroidery :

  • Put the stabilizer first, then your cloth into the hoop.
  • Important : clip tight your 2 clothes in the hoop. You can use repositionable glue or needles in each corner to improve the stability.
  • Start to embroider the design.
  • The machine will stop after the zigzag stitch.
  • Remove the hoop from the machine (but do not remove the cloth from the hoop).
  • Cut out the void parts as close as you can from the zigzag stitch, without cutting out the nonwoven (see picture)
  • Insert the hoop in the machine again and finish the embroidery. The edges will get embroidered on the nonwoven and won't move.
  • Dive your embroidery in hot water to dissolve the water-soluble nonwoven
  • Admire your work !
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All the cutwork designs

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