FSL/Lace Embroidery Howto

The designs are embroidered without cloth, no cutting is needed, only assembly in a few cases, so don't hesitate to try !

Level : easy

Supplies :
  • a 80/11 embroidery needle.
  • some embroidery thread
  • water-soluble nonwoven

Sample of tablemat embroidered using FSL/Lace technique :
  • Put the water soluble nonvowen in the hoop
It is important to clip it tight.
If you need to, you can surround your hoop with plaster to avoid shifts (see in the photo)

  • Embroider your designs using the same thread on top and beneath
  • Once the designs are embroidered, cut out the nonwoven at 2cm from the border. (photo 1)
    For the center design, cut out right along the stitches(photo 2)
    For all the designs, cut out the right side right along the stitches. (water soluble) (photo 3)
  • Pin down your designs, then sew the borders using a 1mm long, 3mm wide zigzag stitch. (photo 4)
  • Then sew the center. Soak the tablemat to remove the soluble. (photo 5)
  • Lay the tablemat straight on a towel and dry it with a hair-dryer or in the open air.(photo 6)
  • Still laid on the towel, iron your wet tablemat on the back side until there are no more wrinkles.

Others FSL designs

Formats disponibles :